Weleda - Calendula Mositurizing Body Cream for Baby

Weleda - Calendula Mositurizing Body Cream for Baby


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Calendula Moisturising Body Cream is a wonderfully fragrant cream with soothing chamomile for the daily care of your baby’s face and body. Body Cream can be used to help prevent diaper rash.


  • The oil extracts from calendula and anti-inflammatory chamomile flowers in Calendula Moisturising Body Cream ensure that your baby’s skin remains soft and supple
  • The beeswax and lanolin in the cream protect the skin from external irritants, while continuing to let oxygen through
  • Body Cream is easy to rub in and is quickly absorbed into the skin
  • To be used daily on your baby’s face and body. It can also be used on your baby’s bottom, when changing diapers. If your baby already has diaper rash, it is better to use Calendula Diaper Care Cream
  • It will help keep baby's skin healthy and protected and alleviate tendencies of dry skin and flaking
  • To protect skin from harsh wind and blazing sun, rub Calendula Body Cream into baby's cheeks and hands before going outside (has a natural sun protection factor of 4)


Ingredients: Calendula extract,Chamomile, Almond oil, Sesame oil (organic), Beeswax, Lanolin, Kaolin, Silicea, Lecithin, Alcohol, Water, Essential oils (lavender, rosemary and orange)

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