Super Undies Nighttime Undies


  • $3195

These bed wetting pants are real waterproof nighttime underwear that are designed to help your child wake up with dry sheets. They come with 4 layers of microfiber absorbency built in, and fleece covered elastic legs and waist for a comfortable, and more leak resistant fit. Excellent for potty training transitional nights, or even for minor child enuresis. For heavy nighttime bed wetting, please add a step-up insert to them. SuperUndies are available in microfiber OR 100% cotton. and can fit all the way up to 14 years old! 
  • Washable , Waterproof , Reusable and Stylish Underwear Appearance
  • Waistband Flips Down to Adjust Underpants Size Down 
  • Soft Water-resistent Binding Further Protects Against Leaks 
  • Four Layers Of Built-in Microfiber Absorbency OR 100% Cotton Absorbency
  • Adjusts for Boys or Girls
  • Waterproof Tabs for Side Sleepers

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