LatchOn Nursing Blanket Strap


  • $1750

latchOn® nursing blanket strap is designed for busy moms, nursing on-the-go, who want to discreetly feed their babies in public without having to haul around a separate nursing blanket.

latchOn® eliminates the need to carry a bulky nursing cover. Whichever blanket you have with you quickly and easily converts to a nursing blanket.

Measuring just 2 ½” wide x 19 ½” long, latchOn® folds up so small, it fits easily in any diaper bag, purse, or even in your pocket. Babies need lots of “stuff” when they travel, and latchOn® frees up precious diaper bag space. And weighing less than 2 oz, it’s a breeze to carry and to wear.

Using the latchOn
Drape the blanket across your chest, then simply place the strap around the back of your neck, and attach the clips to the blanket edge, approximately 10” to 12” apart. To create a viewing pocket to see your baby, adjust the clips further apart, and then pull the blanket away from you between the two clips.
The blanket may be worn straight across your chest, or over one shoulder. When switching feeding sides, simple grab the blanket and trade shoulders – the latchOn® will follow without needing to unclip it.