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Kids 0-9 Colic Formula

Kids 0-9

  • $1399

Calms a colicky baby the natural way!

Homeolab Kids 0-9 Colic relieves colic and gas pain, calms nausea, reduces burping, and relieves agitation and irritability. This formula comes in a delicious raspberry flavor and delivers fast acting, effective relief. 

Gastric analgesic for baby’s colic, gas pain and other digestive troubles. Approximately 25% of babies worldwide experience colic and more than ever, consumers are realizing the benefits to healing with homeopathy!

• Safe for children ages 0-9, no harmful side effects
• Fast acting, effective relief
• Dye free, sugar free
• Great tasting raspberry flavor
• Easy to administer liquid formula
• 100% natural; trusted by mothers

Active Ingredients:
Colocynthis 6X (Bitter Apple)
Magnesia phosphorica 6X (Hydric magnesic phosphate)
Chamomilla 6X (German Chamomile)
Dioscorea villosa 6X (Wild Yam)

Abdominal cramps
Bloating and colic
Nausea and irritability
Flatulence, colic-like pain

Each bottle is 25mL

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