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Dapper Snappers - For Women

Dapper Snapper

  • $1519
  • Save $380

Finally!!! Dapper Snappers for Women! From Miss to Maternity to Momhood, this belt is for you. Wear this special women's belt in the back to get rid of that annoying gap or to keep up your low rise jeans. Wear as a maternity belt in the front using the 2 front belt loops instead of the rubberband trick. Either way, this genius product is for you.

Oh, and it can be used on kids 7+ (if the regular size Dapper Snapper is too small), tweens, teens, and even Dads!


  • Elastic to stretch with your pants
  • One size fits all
  • Adjustable to 5 sizes from 8.5" to 13.5"
  • Invented by a mom!
  • Made in the USA

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