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Bumgenius Bottom Cleaner

Cotton Babies

  • $519
  • Save $130

Freshen Baby After Every Diaper Change!

Fresh and natural spray gently cleans baby’s bum with the first wipe. Their proprietary formula is made with natural and organic ingredients including Cucumber Extract and Aloe Leaf Juice. It is gentle and non-irritating (safe for sore bums). The light, 100% natural Clementine scent cuts down on odors. When used with cloth baby wipes, this spray cuts down on landfill waste and provides significant savings over disposable wipes. Bottom Cleaner is recommended for use with reusable baby wipes for a natural, cost-saving alternative to disposable wipes.

Directions: Spray on baby’s bottom. Wipe clean with a dry, soft cloth. Remember, when you use bumGenius Bottom Cleaner, it is not necessary to wet your baby wipes!

Each bottle is 4 fl. oz. and made with natural and organic ingredients.

Paraben free, Phthalate free, No tea tree oil, No lavender oil, and not tested on animals.

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